Remote healing evidence


Kidney stones healing in Africa (Nigeria)

Arunas Ambrukaitis

August 29, 2020


My name is Umar salisu from west Africa:(Nigeria).

I write to once again inform the whole world that remote healing authored by Arunas Ambrukaitis is real and commendable.

I presented an ultrasound report on 11.10.18 as attached indicating 3 stones (0.5,0.8 and 0.9cm) in my left kidney. I was requested by Arunas A. a statue pic. After a remote healing session of +/-24hrs all my pains are gone, a week later I repeated an ultrasound which indicated that one of the 3 stones completely dissolve and two other ones drastically reduced in size(0.6 and 0.2cm). This is a success story and

Therefore, if you have kidney stones contact Arunas Ambrikaitis and stop suffering.