Welcome Visitor!

Here you will find truly important information on what to expect from this site and the purpose of it. Please read this carefully.

1) In the CHARTS section you will be presented with “free” and “paid” options. Free charts will accompany educational videos on my YouTube channel or FB group “Dowsing, the other way around”. They are helpful to start practicing dowsing, to polish your skills, to get used to communication with your subconsciousness, and learn how to ask questions or what questions you should avoid.

2) “Paid” charts are for advanced dowsers, who are more interested in healing. Don’t be surprised, they ALL WON’T have any description nor instruction of how to use them. To gain such knowledge you will have to join another group on with the same name - Dowsing with codes. It is paid membership for only $10 per month (don’t pick other payment options, simply because they will not direct you to the right information!). Here you will get all the necessary instructions and training in how to use “Master Charts”, lessons about stressors, how to create vibrational codes and many more additional “know how” tips.

3) ”Master Charts” are a collection of diagrams that I use to create Vibrational Codes. You will have to print them, prepare for instructions and use them every day. Why there are no names? Because, during the instructions you will have an opportunity to write them under each chart by your hand. In such way memorization will be more effective and it will be able to speed up the entire process. (For those, who don’t understand, it is essential to memorize diagrams if you want to be successful in dowsing. The method I teach relies on diagnostics, because without using recorded information in your subconsciousness, it will be almost impossible to achieve desired results.)

4) “Dowsing with codes” membership at (for only $10 per month) is a gateway to real healing. Here I will reveal you how to successfully eliminate pathogens like H-Pylori bacteria, Covid19, flu, how to dissolve kidney stones remotely, how to work with bursitis, cysts, and mastitis. The very first training will be on how to kill the Covid19 virus! From that moment you’ll be forever liberated from fear of any virus (mutated or not)!!!

5) In the “Remote healing assistance” section you can ask for my help and/or personal lessons.

6) In the “Appointments” section you will have an opportunity to schedule sessions at your convenience.

7) I am a Master in Faradarmani (a Persian healing and mysticism school that helped my son to overcome a very difficult form of Tourette’s syndrome). This method allows you to achieve incredible results in dealing with various forms of mental and other illnesses. Please, get familiar with the links provided in that section. If you find it interesting you can try healing or ask for attunements.

8) Does it work? Do you have proof? Yes, it works and I have proof. I collect evidence of my healing in a documented way. All of this information you can find under the “Testimonials” section in the form of ultrasound reports by physicians, pictures, video recordings, and references by people who were willing to share their experiences with me.