Remote healing evidence


Eye healing in USA, Florida

Arunas Ambrukaitis

September 5-8, 2020

Eye healing 1.

 Ok, guys. I will put myself to the open test. Today I start healing red eyes. Will see how it goes. Lady is a member of our group and my old friend. So she will be able to show every day progress or not. Actually both eyes have similar look. PLEASE, DON'T DO ANY TESTING NOR HEALING. IT WILL INTERFERE WITH MY TREATMENT. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING

Eye healing 2

 20 hrs after healing with codes lady feels less irritation and you can notice more appearance of a white color in the eyeball. Just a reminder, in Florida-USA you will pay $200 for the first specialist-doctor visit plus medication, not to mention extra spending for a follow up visit.

Eye healing 3.

Welcome to my reality. When everything looked going to the right direction things suddenly changed to the worse. My eye client developed an eye cyst and it's a holiday time. Now we can rely only on dowsing with codes.At least until Tuesday....See you until tomorrow with an update.

Eye healing 4.

Monday afternoon - without medication and doctors intervention the cyst has been removed. She is on the way to a complete healing. Right eye suffered same infection without cyst and it looks way better. Conclusion: healing with codes is an effective way to solve many ill conditions of human body. In the left eye picture you can see the scar from a surgery done two decades ago. Highlight - pay attention to the scar tissues from previous traumas or surgeries. Those places in the late stages of our life tend to develop cysts and are vulnerable to the various infections. That was the case this time as well. You can find similar situation with my elbow - bursitis developed in the scar tissue (Check in the "proof of healing" topics).

Eye healing 5.

Last picture was made this Tuesday morning and with that eye cyst story is over. Thank you for following. Will make a summarizing video. If you guys have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. See you soon.

P.s. If you interested in my healing method , please join me on in the group Dowsing with codes.