Remote healing evidence, NEW


COVID19 healing in USA, Illinois

Arunas Ambrukaitis

September 23, 2020

As promised, Corona virus documents: before and after. That what you can learn in my group Dowsing with codes. Master charts are available on You will gain knowledge of how to fight virus and Flue season is just around the corner....

Commented by a patient.

Migle Bigelis

This method convinced me to sign up with Patreon group “Dowsing with codes” and start learning this method of healing because even tho I am an RN there would be nothing I could do to help a loved one using conventional methods of healing. I was told to wait and go to ER if symptoms get extreme... this method made me convinced I can handle whatever was coming. Or at least try...rather than sit and do nothing. Thank you Arunas.

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